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Tắm nắng trên bãi biển An Bàng

Hoi An has a number of beaches, but locals will tell you that An Bang is one of the best around. This beach is less crowded than many of the more famous strips of sand in the area and you will find pristine white sands that back on to the water. If you come here […]

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Khám phá vùng nông thôn

Hoi An is famous for being surrounded by lush emerald green countryside. As such, if you are staying in the city then make sure that you don’t miss a trip here so that you can take in the rice paddies, hills, and dainty villages firsthand. You can sign up for a number of tours such […]

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Chiêm ngưỡng chùa cầu Nhật Bản

The Japanese Covered Bridge is located in the centre of the city and is also one of its focal points. The bridge spans some 12 meters and is famous for its ornate carvings, many of which are in the shape of monkeys and dogs. This is also a very popular place for amorous Vietnamese couples […]

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Khóa học nấu món ăn Việt nam

Hoi An is known for having a number of cooking schools where you can get stuck in and learn all about how to make some local dishes. One of the more famous schools is the Gioan Restaurant and Cooking School and you can choose between either ordering something to eat here in the restaurant or […]

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Cửa hàng thủ công mỹ nghệ

If you like local arts and handicrafts then you will be spoilt for choice on a visit to Vietnam. Hoi An is known across Vietnam for being a hub for beautiful locally made products and you will be able to shop for these in places like the main central market. There are also a number […]

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Đi dạo quanh phố cổ

Hoi An is something of a rarity in Vietnam as it managed to escape most of the bombing that razed many other cities to the ground during the Vietnam War. This means that the beautiful buildings here were spared, and so you will still find some gorgeous architecture here in the Old Town which makes […]

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Tham quan làng gốm Thanh Hà

Thanh Ha Pottery Village is located by Thu Bon river, Block 5, Thanh Ha ward, about 4 km westward of Hoi An center. This is one of the stops of tourists on their journey from Hoi An ancient town to My Son- the World Heritages. At Thanh Ha Pottery Village, you will visit a space […]

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