Welcome to Lua Hoi An Villas
Thanh Nhut Vamlet, Cam Thanh Commune, Hoi An Ancient City | Tel: 098 324 62 45

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The villa offers all guests a meaningful trip with a full of relaxation, unique culinary experiences

Lua Restaurant

Dining at Lua Restaurant

Staring a new day at Lua Restaurant to indulge in delectable breakfasts with an array of Vietnamese delicacies. With fresh herbs, meats, and seafood, we make sure that you will be charming by unique culinary experiences, just in Lua Restaurant. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of fresh juice, milk, yoghourt and fruit.

Food is a key to touch your soul, so we hope that you will have special moments with us, and we also encourage you to share with us your love of cooking because this is your home too. We always welcome you to our courtyard and have a lavish barbeque party in the moonlight.

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